Welcome To Our Website

First Baptist Church Fannett is a multi-generational family of faith that has been in Fannett for over one hundred years.  This group of believers likes to see themselves as maturing disciples who are learning how to make new maturing disciples.

If you are looking for a place to call home; a place to invest yourself; a place to mature as a disciple of Jesus Christ, then First Baptist Church Fannett may be the place for you.

We invite you to be our guest in one of our Sunday morning worship services.  Try out one of our Bible study groups.  We are confident you will find a place of belonging and serving!

Service Hours


Bible Study                                      9:30 am

Worship                                         10:45 am

Fellowship and Potluck Meal             5:30 pm

M & M Activities                               6:00 pm


Fellowship Meal                               5:30 pm

TeamKids (children K-grade 6)         6:00 pm

Youth Bible Study                            6:00 pm

May God richly bless you!



Make a donation:  https://e-giving.org/firstbaptistchurchfannett